We The Future

Allow me to introduce a project that I've been passionately been working on for the past 5 months along with a great team of designers, content experts, researchers, and web developers across multiple timezones and countries, all with a passion for politics and civic duty.


The ​idea behind this website is to mobilize and activate young people to get registered and vote. Especially during these times, it's more needed than ever to get people out and voting for the country in which they want live in, love, and be part of.

This project consisted of yes a website but also a social media strategy, content strategy, and SO much more that hasn’t made the light of day yet. Also, stickers! We know, we know - the election is right around the corner. But it is never too late and #WeTheFuture isn’t about one election. It’s about demanding the future WE want ALL year ‘round.
The truth is, no matter who wins, we have to hold them accountable. No matter who wins, we have work to do. Now more than ever.
Follow along on Instagram here: @wtf.vote. And check out our new website!

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Adeet Deshmukh

We are standing on the edge of the event horizon...